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Laurie Voke

Founder & President

25+ years of sports marketing, sales and sponsorships expertise

Dr. Jen Welter

Empowerment Expert

First Female NFL Coach & Motivational Speaker.

Nicole Ericson

Public Relations & Social Media Marketing Expert

Director of Social Media WISE Boston

Erin Dimella

Festival Advisor

10+ years events and sponsorships experience with Waymark and Boston Bruins

Julie Whipple

Director of Social Responsibility

20 years in consulting and corporate social responsibility for Qlik, Arbor and Anderson

Monica Singh, ESQ

Legal Advisor

13 years of corporate law expertise

Glendalyn Junio

Graphic Design

Marketing for NBC Sports and Washington Football; President WISE Washington D.C.

Emily Christner

Digital Media Advisor

18 years in digital with CBS interactive, Lionsgate/TV, Guide, Virgin, Boston Bruins

Amanda Irvine

Communications Specialist

Production for ESPN; Marketing for Vanguard Sports Group; Social Chair WISE Boston

Kristen Granera

Marketing Specialist

Graphic artist and event management expert; 12 years of experience in the tech space

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