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FFN FAn of the Week!

Our featured female fan this week is Lynne Smith from Wellesley, MA!


“My husband and I moved to Boston 46 years ago. Before we were Detroit Tiger fans. I have 4 children 3.5 grandchildren (one on the way) and we are all huge Red Sox fans.If the Red Sox play in October post-season we go wherever they go, yes even to Spring training. We were just in Houston recently. We spend most of our summer days and evenings at Fenway Park.”

What’s your favorite sports memory of all time?

“Too many. To name a few, we met Ted Williams in ‘99 and in 2012 the Boston Red Sox designated me as their #1 fan. I received an honorary award from David Ortiz and on our 50th anniversary our kids called the Red Sox and said ‘Hey what are you going to do for our parents?’ We showed up late not knowing there was a surprise set up for us, but the Red Sox still had us go on to the field next to the dugout and we got to hug Big Papi.”

What would you say to female fans who want to get involved with sports but are intimidated or hesitant?

“I would say follow your passion; if you believe in something, follow it and just do it. I met a woman in Houston known as their ‘sign lady.’ Her name is Barbara Moon, by day she’s a dentist but when a game conflicts with appointments, she has a tendency to cancel and reschedule clients. We had a lot of fun with her.”

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